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A Busy Summer

What have the Chaplains been doing?

We have been out and about for 20 weeks in Brighton and Newhaven

Two mornings per week in NH. One afternoon per week Brighton

Working in pairs except for special occasions. Also since last month 2 chaplains working weekly with a Charity

We have prayed for many people and listened and helped and encouraged

Helped with the bread run Linked with food bank Been Building Links o With emergency services o Major companies, o Small companies o Colleges o Charities, o Health groups (inc CCG)

We have seen people reunited with God, people healed And at least one family reunited

Our training continues with12 chaplains attending a1 day training ‘Sharing Hope in a Crisis’

It’s been a great summer God has blessed our work, we are looking to train more chaplains, if you are interested please contact me

Paul J Davis FIMCA Lead Chaplain October 2016

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