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11 to 17 years old

CY (Carden Youth) is a youth group for young people aged 11-17 who are now at secondary school and therefore too old for Kidz Klub. Some of them have become young helpers at Kidz Klub. We don’t publicise CY widely because it is for young people we already know. There are 3 parts to a CY evening, but not necessarily in this order ...

A tasty snack - This can range from hot dogs to pizza, and from cheese burgers to toasted sandwiches. Not to be missed!

Recreation time -  We have a hot choc and chill time, and play games and do crafts! Sometimes we’ll go on a fun trip in the minibus.

The Big Issue - Most weeks we present something about the Christian Faith in a visual, relevant, and usually interactive style. We aim to help those who have become Christians to grow in their faith and love for God, and to challenge those who haven’t to open their lives to Him.

For more info, contact Christy at or on 07523849646.


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